(Episode 16) 2nd Amd. (Part 2/2): Guns Blazin': Black Panthers, the NRA, and Individual Gun Rights

We're back with the second installment of the Second Amendment! In Episode 16, we discuss the more famous (and, honestly, more relevant) portion of the amendment, which states: "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Taken by itself, it sounds like the government shouldn't be able to regulate much when it comes to gun ownership and gun use. But is that true? Nope!

Instead, there's a long history and tradition of gun regulation in the colonies and in the United States. While the reasons for regulation have varied from common-sense to nonsense, the fact is that gun ownership and gun rights are not (and never have been) unlimited. When SCOTUS took this issue up in 2008, they discussed all the fascinating history surrounding the Second Amendment and the Founders' understanding of this right. (Even if you're not super interested in law or in reading legal opinions, if you're at all interested in the Second Amendment and gun rights, you should read District of Columbia v. Heller. Trust us.)

And the history of the Second Amendment gets even more fascinating when you look at the PR campaigns in the last century. Specifically, if you're a fan of individual gun rights, you should thank a Black Panther and the NRA for changing public opinion and public understanding of the Second Amendment.

Join us for a discussion of the gun rights, gun control, gun violence, and gun myths.

Here are some other sources we used:
- When a group of Black Panthers occupied a capitol building with guns raised;
- When the NRA gets vocal, bides its time, or stays silent in its PR campaigns;
- How the NRA has been a gun control supporter;
- How states regulate possession of firearms by people with mental illnesses;

And some competing opinions on gun control. Compare:
- Gun Control Isn't the Answer by Nick Gillespie, and I used to think gun control was the answer . . . by Leah Libresco
- The research is clear: gun control saves lives by German Lopez.

Side notes:
- Stop using Chicago as an example of how gun control doesn't work.
- Why isn't anyone talking about the Vegas shooting anymore?