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(Episode 74) Presidential Minisode 31: FDR and the Longest Presidency Ever

Another Roosevelt! That's right, listeners. In this episode, we discuss Franklin D. Roosevelt , cousin to Teddy.  You might remember from history class that FDR is believed to have contracted polio at a young age, but recently, researchers believe FDR's paralysis may have been caused by Guillain-Barre Syndrome , instead.  Either way, there's no question that FDR was a fighter, and that he was the United States' longest-serving POTUS. In this episode, we attempt to discuss the gold standard (and FDR taking us off of it ), FDR's various social programs , and loads of fun facts, including FDR's stamp collection and how FDR was distantly related to his wife (no judgment...okay, a little judgment).

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