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(Episode 71) Presidential Minisode 28: A Boob and a Bag - The Warren G. Harding Story

Welcome again, Listeners!  In this episode, we discuss Sam the Eagle - er, Warren G. Harding , our 29th POTUS.  The son of two doctors and the oldest of eight children, Harding won the presidency in a landslide.  From there, it was scandal after scandal during his administration, and while Harding himself wasn't implicated in the White House shenanigans, he certainly got into some shenanigans of his own in his personal life (more on that below).  His presidency was short-lived, though; he mysteriously  died of a heart attack in August 1923. One of our favorite fun facts ? He nicknamed his - uh - member  in letters to his mistress (welcome to the podcast, "Jerry").  It's a shame about the mistress(es), though - Harding's wife was pretty cool .

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