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(Episodes 80-83) Another Catch-Up on POTUSes 37 Thru 40

Happy 2023, Listeners! It's been a heck of a holiday season, and today is catch-up day! We've been steadily working our way through the Presidential Mini-sodes, telling stories about the Presidents that you may not remember or might never have heard. Here's a rundown on our latest episodes with links to some of the materials we used to prepare: Episode 80, POTUS 37: "Crookery, CREEPiness, and Love Letters to Pat - The Richard Nixon Story" Hoo boy, let's start off with a bang, shall we? Richard Nixon has layers (that's a nice way to say it, right?). There's a lot you might not know about him and what he accomplished as POTUS, including some interesting and historic Supreme Court nominees . Even before becoming President, Nixon had been on the ticket five times .  He also was a Quaker who tried to change Daylight Savings Time (both true ) and a huge sports fan . But we can't talk about Nixon without talking about Watergate , right? In the episode w

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