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(Episode 69) Presidential Minisode 26: Pauline the Missing Prize Cow and the Rise and Fall of Billy Possum - The William Howard Taft Story

 (Try saying that title five times fast.) Welcome, Listeners, to the next installment of our Presidential Minisodes.  In Minisode 26 (and overall episode 69...we think), we discuss William Howard Taft .  You may recognize his name not only from serving as POTUS, but also holding the office of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States  - in fact, he's the only former US Solicitor General to become President.  Big shoes to fill, no?  If you weren't intimidated enough, consider his youth: at Yale, Taft also was a heavyweight wrestling champion and a member of the secret society Skull and Bones (which was cofounded by his father).  Bummer-of-a-fact: he's our last President to sport facial hair . Tune in to learn more about Taft, weird toy manufacturers' decisions (we swear it's related), and of course, riots.

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