Episodes 65, 66, and 67) Presidential Minisodes 22-24: Steve the Cleve, Harrison, and McKinley

Dear Listeners, forgive us (actually, just Sam) - we* (again, Sam) fell a bit behind on blogging compared to when the recent episodes dropped.  For the first - and, we* hope, last - time, here's a combined blog post on our recent episodes and some of the sources we relied upon for our content.

Episode 65/Minisode 22 - Steve the Cleve
Grover Cleveland served as our 22nd and 24th POTUS.  That's right: Stephen Cleveland (aka, Steve the Cleve, aka Grover Cleveland) served as president in non-consecutive terms.  Much to our collective disappointment, he was born in New Jersey rather than in Cleveland, Ohio, and his wife was...super young.  But the rest of Cleveland's story is interesting.  Steve was a big guy, and not exactly a poster child for health: Fitness Magazine named him the least-healthiest President on account of all the beer and cigars.  When Cleveland had to depart the White House between terms, he and his wife warned everyone they'd be back. Join us for more "fun" stuff about how he spent his time in between terms and how he ruined a reporter's career rather than admit he had a secret surgery aboard a yacht.

Episode 66/Minisode 23 - The Meat in the Cleveland Sandwich: Benjamin Harrison
(We (all of us this time) are only a little sorry for the imagery.)  Interjecting himself into Cleveland's time as POTUS is our 23rd President, Benjamin Harrison.  Harrison was nicknamed "Little Ben," "Kid Gloves," and "The Human Iceberg" at various points in his career.  Perhaps best known for having to deal with tariffs, Harrison is another President whose wife (one of them, at least) was shockingly young.  Join us in this episode for some fun facts about Harrison, but more random tangents than you expected (they're funny - we promise).

Episode 67/Minisode 24 - Out of the Cleveland Sandwich and Onto Better Things: The William McKinley Story
And finally, we have a chat about William McKinley, a man who bears a shocking resemblance to Sam the Eagle of the Muppets (or perhaps it's the other way around).  McKinley was a likeable guy forced to deal with some foreign policy/war stuff.  His home life was pretty tragic, as was the end of his life.  He won a second term, but was shot by an anarchist while standing in a receiving line, and he succumbed to gangrene eight days later.  Learn this, and some truly awful stuff in Amanda's riot segment, in this episode.

And there you have it! The most recent episodes distilled into one blog post. Enjoy, and we'll see you for the next drop!