(Episode 70) Presidential Minisode 27: See You Next Tuesday - The Woodrow Wilson Story

Ah, Woodrow Wilson, a POTUS who made his way to the top of IYCKI's newly-created "Absolutely Not" List.  Sam's side note: you know the episode is going to be something else when Amanda e-mails you a source in advance with a descriptor like "Holy-shit-level."  What was Amanda referring to?  Wilson's sorely disappointing and surprising (to non-history buffs) racism.  We'll get there.

Wilson won the Electoral College thanks to division among the candidates, but (as this source notes) "his 42 percent popular vote total was the third-lowest winning tally in history."  Start things off with a bang, right?  Wilson was POTUS during World War I, which the U.S. had managed to stay out of for awhile.  Obviously, that didn't last.  But Wilson's name being kept on various Princeton institutions did.  

Join us in this episode for a conversation about a few bright spots, mostly dark spots, a flock of sheep (seriously), and way too many riots.