(Episode 44) Presidential Minisode 1: George Washington and an Impeachment Update

Welcome back, Listeners! As you may have heard, we're changing the format a bit this winter on account of our weird schedules. Instead of our typical longer episodes centered on the Constitution, we're going to do a series of mini-episodes (minisodes) on the Presidents, focusing on their dates served and some fun facts you may not know about them; then, at the end of each minisode, we'll cover current(ish) events.

In Minisode 1, we cover our first POTUS: George Washington. Did you know that no one will ever hold a higher rank in the U.S. Military than he does?  Or that he liked to party?  Or that the cherry tree story is a myth?

Join us for a quick chat about our very first POTUS and for a quick Impeachment Roundup!

Fun fact: Several of our presidential minisodes will include similar sources. For more information, see:

MSN's Weirdest Facts about the Presidents;
Newsweek's Surprising Facts;
Mashable's Obscure Facts; (are you seeing a theme?)
And Emmanuel Hapsis's Weird Facts You Never Knew