(Episode 54) Presidential Minisode 10: His Accidency, John Tyler

Welcome back, Listeners! We're ten minisodes in, and our topic is the tenth POTUS: John Tyler.  Tyler succeed to the Presidency when Harrison died in office.  As with most first-time occurrences in our nation's history, this was a pretty big deal and set a precedent for future Vice Presidents.  But speaking of VPs, Tyler spent the rest of his term without one (risky!).

Tyler was - how shall we say it? - not a popular guy.  His detractors called him "His Accidency" (i.e., the guy who became President by accident).  He was expelled from his party,  made his way into the Confederacy, and died a traitor (no, really).  His legacy lives on, though: Tyler holds the record for being the President with the most kids: 15.  I mean, the guy still has living grandchildren.

Join us for a chat about Tyler, SCOTUS's Amistad slave ship decision, and a couple riots.