(Episode 56) Presidential Minisode 12: Old Rough and Ready, Zachary Taylor

Welcome to Minisode 12, Listeners! In this episode, we discuss our 12th POTUS, Zachary Taylor. You may remember him from Minisode 11 on account of all the war stuff happening with then-President Polk and Mexico. Taylor and Polk didn't exactly get along.  Nevertheless, Taylor's war victories earned him the nickname "Old Rough and Ready." Taylor's reputation as an army man made him popular in the North, and the fact that he was a slave owner made him attractive to the South. Ultimately, Taylor was nominated - without his knowledge - by the Whig party for President.  As President, Taylor didn't exactly make a lot of friends, though.

Join us as we talk about Old Rough and Ready, why mixing eating cherries and drinking milk on a hot summer day might be a bad idea (or at least it was for Taylor), and how Sam keeps name-swapping the lead singer of Korn with Taylor's rival, the President of the Confederacy (Taylor's later son-in-law).  Oh, and Amanda gives us the rundown on the Astor Place riot.