(Episode 57) Presidential Minisode 13: World's Okayest President Fillmore

Listeners, we've reached an important milestone: with this episode's discussion of Millard Fillmore, we've reached the last President not to be affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties.  (Insert wistful sigh here.)  He's not the most inspiring guy - one source said that he proved, "through methodical industry and some competence, an uninspiring man could make the American dream come true" - but we'll take it.

You may recall Millard served as Vice President to Zachary Taylor, whose untimely death thrust Millard into the Presidency.  He presided over the Senate during debates over the Compromise of 1850.  And in 1856, he accepted the nomination for President from the Know Nothing Party.  

Join us to learn more fun facts about our Wool Carder President, a couple of riots, and a discussion relevant to the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS.