(Episode 58) Presidential Minisode 14: The Litmus Does Not Exist (feat. Franklin Pierce)

Welcome to our next minisode, Listeners! In this one, we discuss our 14th POTUS, Franklin Pierce, a true dark horse candidate with a dark cloud following him most of his life.  This guy suffered all manner of tragedy alongside his wife.  Perhaps as a result, and perhaps unsurprisingly, he was a bit of an alcoholic.

On top of his personal struggles, Pierce governed at a time leading up to the Civil War when it was nearly impossible to make anyone happy.  He threw his support behind the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which mandated popular sovereignty (i.e., allowing settlers of a territory to decide whether to permit slavery in the area), but couldn't keep the peace.  Amanda will tell you all about the various riots of the time, including the skirmishes and violence dubbed "Bleeding Kansas."  Ultimately, Pierce was not renominated for another term - which may have been a blessing, frankly.

Did he run down an elderly woman in his carriage?  Did he take on a mob?  Find out this, and more, in our latest episode.