(Episode 59) Presidential Minisode 15: Ol' Buck the Dough Face Buchanan

Happy December, Listeners.  In this presidential minisode, we discuss our 15th POTUS, James Buchanan.  Buchanan was, by many accounts, a total letdown of a POTUS.  In a nation that continued to become more divided in advance of the Civil War, Old Buck was ill-equipped to handle bringing the nation back together.  He made a terribly wrong prediction that SCOTUS would settle the question of slavery (enter Dred Scott), and he failed to take any meaningful action to quell unrest in the Kansas area.  He did have some fun facts for us, so listen in to learn more.

Speaking of fun facts, here's another one: we recorded this episode the night of the Presidential Election.  At the end of the episode, we'll talk to our future selves, make some predictions, and list our hopes for the end of the year.