(Episode 60) Presidential Minisode 16: Babe-raham Lincoln

 (Shout out, first and foremost, to Wayne's World folks and fans, who inspired this episode's title.)

Welcome back, Listeners! In this our 60th episode, we discuss our 16th POTUS, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. We discussed Abe in Episodes 32-36 when we covered the Civil War and its aftermath, and he's certainly one of the most famous Presidents.  He issued the Emancipation Proclamation declaring slaves within the Confederacy to be free (although this wasn't solidified until the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified).  He was super tall and wore a big hat.  You know all this, probably.

But did you know he was an accomplished fighter and is enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?  Or that he and his wife held seances in the White House?  Join us for our discussion (and Babe Count) of Honest Abe, along with 7 relevant riots.

Some facts for this episode came from Jacopo della Quercia's article "14 Big Facts Left Out of History" published in Reader's Digest in September 2020.