(Episode 61) Presidential Minisode 17: Ulysses, Hear Me Out - Johnson and His Little Fellows

 Welcome to the next minisode, Listeners.  In this one, we discuss Andrew Johnson, our grumpy-looking 17th POTUS who became POTUS after President Lincoln's assassination.  Sadly, one of our sources describes him as "one of the most unfortunate of presidents."  Yow.  Johnson was a good public speaker with very little education.  In fact, his wife had to teach him the basics of math and writing.  But he rose in the ranks of his party, nearly died the same night as Lincoln, and was sick with typhoid fever the day of his inauguration.  

Join us for our discussion of how Johnson handled reconstruction after the Civil War, how he was impeached, and how he had some little mice friends at the White House.  We also discuss some historic riots and the January 6, 2021 riots at the Capitol Building.